Friday, 29 March 2013


It's been a while but we haven't gone away. Sweden was a blast. Belated thanks to G, Jokke, Fillip, Micca, Dennis, Pancho, Mattis, Dissekerad, Infrenoh, Knark, Aggrenation, The GBG Skull Gang and everyone else for showing us great hospitality and a bloody good time. We hope to return in future.

We are recording this weekend for a split and a comp. More on those in good time.

We have some gigs coming up soon:

Saturday 20th April
The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
Deviated Instinct
Endless Grinning Skulls
Bring to Ruin
+ more tbc

Friday 3rd May
Endless Grinning Skulls
+ more tbc
Tuesday 25th June
JT Soar, Nottingham
Nuclear Spring
Endless Grinning Skulls
Some more being sorted out. I will update with more info/flyers as I get it.